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Moon Garden Seed Collection
Seed Packet

Moon Garden Seed Collection

Waxing luminous when dusk begins to fall, white and moonlight-yellow flowers often send forth a heightened perfume in the evening to attract night-flying pollinators. In short, they are the perfect plants for gardeners who want to enjoy the garden’s spice after hours. We have included a select few daytime bloomers also, for beauty 'round the clock. Collection contains 10 packets, one each of evening fragrant varieties: Woodland Tobacco, Jasmine Tobacco, Night Phlox ‘Midnight Candy’, Datura ‘Ballerina White’, Four O’Clock ‘Alba’, Sweet Alyssum 'Benthamii', Moonflower vine, and accent varieties Cosmos 'Psyche White', Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ and Nasturtium ‘Milkmaid’.
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Growing Companions
Salvia - Silver Sage 'Artemis'
Salvia - Silver Sage 'Artemis'
Basket Flower - White
Basket Flower - White
African Foxglove 'White' Organic
African Foxglove 'White' Organic
Cleome 'White Queen'
Cleome 'White Queen'
Petunia 'Rainmaster'
Petunia 'Rainmaster'
"Let us plant in some quiet nook a little garden to the night where the old favorites may smile again...dear for the very fragrance of their names." Louise Wilder. These luminous white flowers are a joy to grow; they seem to glow from within as dusk falls.
Annual; tender perennial
Full sun to partial shade
Rich, well-drained
Summer to fall
Assortment of white and yellow flowers, many with evening fragrance
Great Cut Flower
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Bees
Attracts Hummingbirds
Many different gardens can be created with this collection of self-sowing annuals. Try a secret garden, tucked away at the end of a path, with a seat close by. Or follow our interpretation of an authentic 1883 garden plan: Cut a circular bed in the lawn close by your patio. Set up a tripod for the moonflowers in the center and surround with the taller flowers such as nicotiana. Use intermediate height datura and four o’clocks in the middle, placing low growing night phlox and sweet alyssum in front. Silver sage salvia can be used as silvery accent foliage at the border.
Watering Details:
Once the plants have been established, water only during prolonged dry weather. A good slow soaking, delivering 1” of water to the soil, keeping the foliage as dry as possible, is best.
Moonflower benefits from low-nitrogen flower fertilizer.