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We believe we have a role in making our world greener, and we work every day to slash our carbon footprint.

~ 23 KW solar panel array on our building generates renewable energy
~ We use biological, organic, and low toxicity inputs in the greenhouse
~ Rainwater collection tanks for plants can hold up to 4,500 gallons of water
~ Recyclable 100% reclaimed PET shipping containers for plants

Seed Packaging

Seed Packets - Standard paper, can be recycled.
Padded Paper Mailer - Curbside recyclable paper envelope made of sustainably sourced kraft paper.
Cardboard Boxes - Varying levels of recycled content, can be recycled.

Plant Pots & Packaging

Black Plastic Pots - Made from 100% post industrial recycled plastic. They are manufactured in a closed-loop manufacturing system, meaning any scrap from production is ground and filtered back through to be used again.
Green Plastic Plant Shippers - Made from 100% post-consumer recycled-bottle content. #1 plastic can be recycled easily or returned to us (we provide return label on request). No BPA (bisphenol A), alkyl phenols (octyl and nonyl), alkyl phenol ethoxylates (octyl and nonyl), or butyl benzyl phthalates are used in the manufacturing.
Shredded Paper - Used to hold in the soil and should be thrown away in the trash. We don’t recommend composting in standard home compost.
Cardboard Box - Standard paper, which can be easily recycled.
Kraft Paper Tape - Standard paper with fiberglass reinforcement (no plastic). Cannot be recycled, so please remove from boxes before recycling.

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