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Linaria 'Cordoba'
Linaria 'Cordoba'
Seed Packet

Linaria 'Cordoba'

Linaria reticulata
Clustered violet-pink blooms with brilliant yellow spots beam at the tips of leafless stems like little torches in the early summer garden. It is easy to grow and striking in masses, contrasting with the gray-green foliage and unfurling flowers of California poppies.
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Approximate Seeds Per Packet
Annual Hardiness
Hardy Annual
Mature Size
1' h x 6' w
Full sun
Regular to rich, well-drained
Spring to summer
Violet pink with a gold spot
Great for containers
Great Cut Flower
Deer Resistant
Heat or Drought Tolerant
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Bees
Attracts Hummingbirds
Surface to just cover.
Sprout Time:
7-14 days
Seed To Bloom:
6-8 weeks
Starting Indoors:
In hot and humid summer areas sow in pots 6 weeks before setting out in spring, while the weather is still cool for maximum flowering before summer heat sets in.
Starting Outdoors:
Recommended. Mix seed with clean sand and sow thinly in spring. Resow in mid-July for bloom starting in early fall. In warmer winter areas (zones 8-10) sow in fall to winter.
A compact yet impactful annual with dazzling clustered flowers at the tips of the bare stems. Grow in masses with sweet alyssum, Clarkias and other hardy annuals of early summer. Toadflax is a superb early summer garden edger and container annual to sow in early spring. It blooms all season long in areas where summer nights cool to the high 50s or lower 60s. Shear lightly if bloom flags, or resow early to mid July for fall flowering. Beneficial insects, bees, and butterflies create a hive of activity around them, drawn to the abundant nectar-filled and pollen-rich flower spikes.
Final Spacing:
Water Requirements:
Medium Water Use
Watering Details:
Keep evenly moist until well-established, then water during dry spells.
Soil pH:
Not particular about pH
Mix in an inch of compost prior to planting if soil is especially poor.
Diseases & Pests:
If aphids appear, hose plants down daily until the pests are not longer present.
When to Cut for Bouquets:
Cut when freshly open.