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Fuchsia 'DebRon's Black Cherry' - S1

Fuchsia 'DebRon's Black Cherry'

Fuchsia hyb.
Garnet sepals pop upward, creating a crown above the deep, velvety, eggplant purple skirts and ruby stamens of this unique fuchsia from Deb and Ron Monnier's nursery. The petite flowers cluster at the tips of the compact fuchsia, made even more beautiful, if that is possible, by the dark hunter-green foliage. Give this a favored place on the patio where small delights like this can be savored.
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Pot: 3.5" h x 2.63" w (9.5 fl oz)
Annual; tender perennial
Perennial Hardiness Zone
Annual Hardiness
Tender Annual
Mature Size
1-2' h x 1.5' w
Full sun to partial shade
Rich, moist, well-drained
Summer to fall
Garnet red sepals and purple-black corollas
Great for containers
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Bees
Attracts Hummingbirds
Fuchsia plants are a classic choice for summer containers in bright indirect light or gardens with morning sun and afternoon shade. They are elegant additions to hanging baskets or pots in sheltered positions, the curtains of dangling blossoms bringing hummingbirds like few other flowers. Overwinter rare specimens by pruning back by 1/3 and moving indoors into a basement or cool room once nighttime temperatures dip below 45F. Avoid fertilizing in winter, water sparingly, and clean up all leaf drop. They should resprout in spring when they can be repotted.
Final Spacing:
Water Requirements:
Medium Water Use
Watering Details:
Keep evenly moist but not saturated.
Soil pH:
Acidic to neutral
Apply an organic balanced fertilizer every two to four weeks, spring through the beginning of autumn. Stop fertilizing in early fall if planning to overwinter indoors.
Diseases & Pests:
Regular misting mornings only will help to prevent spider mites and whiteflies. If an infestation develops, use an insecticidal soap to treat this problem. Avoid any foliar disease by providing good air circulation around your plants.