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Dahlia 'Cactus Flowered Mix'
Dahlia 'Cactus Flowered Mix'
Dahlia 'Cactus Flowered Mix'
Seed Packet

Dahlia 'Cactus Flowered Mix'

Dahlia variabilis
Rolled and curled flower petals radiate from bright beaded centers, composing flowers a good 5-6" across. From lipstick red to a breath of peach, lemon meringue yellow and white, claret, and more, this is a fantastic mix that is easy to grow from seed. It appreciates good soils and plentiful water to become the show off of your late summer and fall garden.
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Approximate Seeds Per Packet
Annual Hardiness
Tender Annual
Mature Size
3' h x 1.5-2' w
Full sun to partial shade
Rich, moist, well-drained
Summer to fall
Mix of orange, rose, scarlet, and yellow
Great Cut Flower
Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Bees
Just cover
Sprout Time:
5-20 days
Seed To Bloom:
12-14 weeks
Starting Indoors:
Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last spring frost date. Keep at 65-70°F.
Starting Outdoors:
Direct sow at last frost date.
After last frost.
Dahlia's flamboyant flowers with twisted petals are easy to grow from seed and fill the mid-to-back border with brilliant colors. Pinch back tips when plants reach about 6-12" tall to encourage bushiness and stake early to support the brittle branches in windy or heavy summer rain areas. Mulch is beneficial to keep the soil cool and moist during the hottest part of summer. Keep cutting for bouquets for continual bloom until frost. A week after frost, dig up the tubers, if desired (leaving 4" of the stem), and store in damp sand or peat moss in a cool location, such as a basement, until spring. An unusual edible, in their native Mexico the tubers were eaten. Flower petals can be used in edible flower confetti or as a garnish, but the leaves can cause mild toxic effects if eaten or handled in significant amounts.
Final Spacing:
Water Requirements:
Medium Water Use
Watering Details:
Water regularly, 1" per week.
Soil pH:
Slightly acidic to neutral
Mix in 3" inches of compost prior to planting. If soil is poor, supplement with a bloom-boosting organic granular fertilizer.
Diseases & Pests:
Japanese beetles damage Dahlia foliage and flowers. Knock them off into a bucket of soapy water; this is best done early in the morning. Combat slugs by scattering crushed eggshells or iron phosphate slug bait pellets on the soil surrounding the plants. Prevent fungal problems with proper spacing in an area with good air circulation and excellent soil drainage.
When to Cut for Bouquets:
Harvest when flowers are nearly to fully open; best cut in the cool of the morning.